Why We Love Spring Skiing

2nd of September, 2016

A lot of people ask us if the skiing is "even worth it" in September. "Is the snow still good?" they ask, with trepidation in their eyes. The answer is, YES it is worth it, YES the snow is good, and we happen to think September heliskiing is the BEST heliskiing! The days become longer, warmer, and and the snow becomes more stable. This means we can ski steeper terrain with sunshine on our faces. Plus, it still snows up high in September! Sometimes a lot. In fact, we're expecting snow tonight, so for those lucky enough to have a heliskiing booking with us tomorrow, it's going to be a powder day! It might officially be spring, and it might feel balmy down in Queenstown, but on the peaks of the Southern Alps the powder stashes still await...

Photos taken 30th August, courtesy of Peter:

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