Best Photos of the 2017 Season... so far!

1st of August, 2017

Check out these amazing photos from our 2017 winter so far! There are more photos on our Facebook and our Instagram, so follow us and check them out!

This lovely couple got engaged with us the other day! Seeing their love for each other and heliskiing was great!


Engagement Heliskiing 2017 with Alpine Heliski in Queenstown NZ

A very happy heliboarder chasing his powder and heliski dreams!

Powder Chaser Snowboarder at Alpine Heliski in Queenstown NZ

This beautiful view from a helicopter on the way to ski, plus an inspirational quote for you!

Mountains quote for New Zealand Heliski with Alpine Heliski and Heliboard

Just taking a couple of amazing powder turns with us! 

Making some amazing ski turns with Alpine Heliski in Queenstown and Glenorchy NZ

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