Intermediate Skier/Rider
You Ski/Board the blue runs, only sometimes go off piste, have little or no powder experience and Ski/Board up to 10 days per season.


Intermediate-Advanced Skier/Rider
You Ski/Board the blue runs and some easier black runs, sometimes go off piste in good conditions, have some powder experience and Ski/ Board 10-20 days per season.


Advanced Skier/Rider
You mainly Ski/Board black runs, go off piste most of the time, have many days of powder experience and Ski/Board over 20 days per season.


Expert Skier/Rider
You always Ski/Board black and double black runs, mostly Ski/Board off piste, and are an accomplished powder and “all snow condition” Skier/Boarder. You Ski/Board 40 days plus per season.

POWDER SHOT - 3 RUN DAY Suitable for HELI 1 Price NZ $940

Our 3 run package is the ideal heli day to ease you into the full heliski experience. Two morning runs, a lunch break to re-energise, then a final run to finish the day!


POWDER RIDE - 4 RUN DAY Suitable for Heli 1 & HELI 2 Price NZ $985

On the Powder Ride day we Ski/Board 2 runs, then take a well-earned break to enjoy our sumptuous mountain-top lunch. The afternoon is spent carving your signature down 2 more untouched powder slopes


DEEP RIDE - 5 RUN DAY Suitable for HELI 2 Price NZ $1080

The Deep Ride is a step up from the powder ride day, Ideal for strong intermediate skiers/boarders the 5 Run Day lets you experience a total day of powder pleasure.


VERTICAL 6 - 6 RUN DAY Suitable for HELI 2 & HELI 3 Price NZ $1165

The 6 run day is a full-on high-energy day where you will sample some of the best heli skiing/boarding NZ has to offer. The 6 run day is all about more runs, steeper lines and max adventure!


DEEP-VERT - 7 RUN DAY Suitable for HELI 3 Price NZ $1255

The 7 run day is about long runs and epic locations, suited to advanced skiers/boarders.


XTRA-VERT - 8 RUN DAY Suitable for HELI 3 & HELI 4 Price NZ $1340

The 8 run day is a high performance, adrenaline pumping, action packed day. Choose the 8 run day and you will experience a day of unparalleled leg burning pleasure!

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